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There are two very distinct technologies used in the videography of weddings and events. You have the traditional camcorder technology ( which is better suited for long form documentary style wedding videos which would be up to 2 hours and delivered on a standard DVD ) and the other - the DSLR camera technology. ( Suited for short form, film like look with a storytelling feel, usually 20 to 30 minutes in duration and the finished product delivered online or on BluRay DVD) Both have their place in the industry, however going the DLSR route is much more expensive as it requires several people working together on an event. I can do both and prices for such are posted on my services page.

Over the years, I've done 100's of wedding videos and to gauge how good they are, please have a look at my testimonials page here.
Also, you can visit my vimeo page at .. Avendes Vimeo Page

Dan Hallissey.

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